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the shoes for fall

Simon 36_b

Shoes - Zara
Photo by Ivana Biscan, Edit by me

These beauties are probably my favorite shoes for fall this season. I bought them in London for about 20 pounds at Zara. What I really love about fall that there are days right warm enough to show a little ankle so these brogues are just perfect for a pair of green pants. I am thinking of combinig them in so many different ways because they are so damn classy and comfortable. How do you think about my new love?



Hat, Shirt (H&M), Denim Vest - Secondhand

Probably my favorite plaid shirt,that sleeveless one which I found somewhere in the basement. I actually wanted to introduce you guys into my new favorite denim vest. I bought it back in Avignon where shopping turned out to be a flop for me (unfortunately). Until we found a small yet trendy store with a Secondhand department which was my rescue. This denim vest got me. When it comes to night/ evening looks I always go for black because you're never going wrong with black. But if you're planning a statement look for a busy day this vest is a good piece to build something natural around the statement piece. Totally worth it. 

four seasons


Denim Shirt - Secondhand, Jeans - Topman, Shoes c/o Zalando

journal #10


School started again for the last time in my life (!) - it feels so amazing to write that. I can't wait to get into fashion, design and photography after this last and stressfull year. A few days ago my passion stopped me from taking a nap during the afternoon and pushed me to take some pictures for a new journal for you guys. A lot of new shoes came in because of the last collaborations with AdidasNEO, Zalando, etc so I felt very inspired to take some in-between shots. What I really enjoy is my new parfume from Jil Sander and the current issue of H&M from which you can get a lot of upcoming trend for fall. To make the post complete I embed a video of Micheal Wolff from Intel Visual Life, one of the most inspiring video that exists. Watch it and don't forget to turn on the HD. It's worth it! 

sneak peak


Burgundy Zign Shoes c/o Zalando

Autumn knocks on the door and new shoes are arriving to start the fall season. I have always been a big fan of the color burgundy and even a lot of people think it's out I actually don't care. When I saw those shoes at the men's section of Zalando I was very impressed by the quality and the shiny leather of those gorgeous yet chic shoes. What I really enjoy while shopping at the Zalando website is that you can easily find what you are looking for because you can just click which price you want to pay or which color you prefer. Shopping has never been easier. Anyway, I could never get sick of these kind of shoes and I think they represent my style, too. Thank you very much to the Zalando Team for making a new collaboration happen. 



One week in one post. After spending some time in Avignon (just scroll down my blog) we took the train to a little fisher's town called Cerbère. We rented a small but quite cosy house and spend almost every day at the beach. Day and night, actually. On the picture can you spot the beach where we went to each and every day and the view from our house, too. And my beuatiful friends of course. Even though I didn't take too much photos in Cerbère I quite like them because they're a kinda special yet personal for me. How do you like my last travel diary of this summer ? 

sur le pont d'avignon


// Shorts - Topman, Shirt - H&M, Shoes - Zara, Backpack - Primark 

According to my travel posts about Avignon (here is part one & there is part two) I decided to show you what I wore during the second day. It's been pretty hot outside so I went for a white shirt that you can buy anywhere and my favorite and most comfortable shorts ever that I got last summer during my language study trip in New York. To add the "french chic" I put on my new Zara shoes. The perfect simple oufit for a exploring-a-new-city-day. To give you the advice I'm always repeating in my head (especially when you have to dress with your limited clothes in your suitcase): The most important thing is that it should never look like you tried to hard building an outfit. Even if you did. 

avignon #2


Here comes the second part of our Avignon adventures. I guess I've never had such a beautfiul balcony with that amazing view during a hotel stay. Anyway, we spent the day with exploring Avignon on its culurural side and ended up with a smooth afternoon in the park. We went for dinner in a good restaurant and after that we went straight to the hotel to refresh ourselves for the long, upcoming night. C'est la belle vie!

london analogue


// photos taken by my talented hannah

It's the first time that I publish photos a friend of mine took. I actually enjoyed that I didn't have to take out my digital camera AND a analogue camera. It felt so great no to stop at every coner, wasting at least 4 minutes to take out the camera, take one picture (or three in case one might be to risky) and then put the camera(s) back in the bag. As I saw the pictures the first time yesterday I was very surprised how good they reflect our trip to London. Thank you to my lovely friend hanna who took those photos!