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avignon #1


Another city. Another travelling part on my blog - This time: France. I've never been to Avignon and to south France in general. I was positively surprised and I really fell in love with that Mediterranean flair. We enjoyed a beautiful view from our hotel balcony over the old city roofs. As you can see on the pictures we went out for dinner to a beautiful restaurant where you had the opportunity to see Avignon as its best from the riverside. After delicious pasta, pizza and gnocchi and some good red wine we went downtown again and found a beautiful cafe with live music. Just perfect. 

the favorite


// Most comfortable jenas on earth, Black Shoes - Topman, Short sleeve shirt, Canvas Backpack - Primark

Outfit, of course. I can't explain why this is currently my favorite outfit, maybe because I'm feeling so comfortable wearing it. As I wrote before you can see the most comfortable jeans I own on these pictures. I bought this pair of jeans some weeks ago at Topman in London. Wearing different kinds of blue makes me feel fresh, lately. Let me know if you like the combination with the short sleeve button shirt. 

I wanted to let you know that I am also back from my trip to France, that means again some pictures of travelling for you guys. And I have a bunch of other great news and pictures for you. Can't wait to spend more time with blogging. 



Guys! I wanted to give you a short update. I spend the last days in Nuremberg for adidasNEO. I was part of their team to run the shooting for their new knitwear collection. Lots of pictures are to expect - unfortunately I wont show you 'behing the scenes' pictures before the new collection is released in November.

The reason why I called this post 'travelling' is that I've been to London the other week, spend my last few days in Nuremberg and now I'm off to France with my Friends to enjoy our big summer vacations. I hope I can keep you updated. See you then folks!

london #3


Probably my last London part I wanted to show you guys.On Wednesday we spend the day in Brighton to enjoy the seaside of England a little bit. It's a beautiful little city where you can have some cream tea with clotted cream and scones.

On Thursday we went to Brick Lane and did some hard core shopping in those uncountable vintage shops. Honestly I have to admit that I found vintage shopping in Brighton a little better than in Brick Lane but it depends on what you are searching, of course. Anyway, I loved that fashion-conscious vibe that Brick Lane had to offer. During the evening I enjoyed a great tour through St. Regents Park, Soho and Southwark, Borough. I love you London. Like New York, Paris and Amsterdam.

london #2

IMG_2950_bIMG_2843_bIMG_2839_bIMG_2969_bIMG_2863_b IMG_2879_bIMG_2848_bUnbenannt-1IMG_2831_bIMG_2959_bIMG_3003_bIMG_2971_bIMG_2952_b

// Floral Button Up, Shorts - H&M, Bag - American Apparel 

A lot of beautiful moments are represented with these pictures. Honestly I'm so in love with the first photo of this post, because this is exactly how I see London. It's colorful, it's energetic, it's dynamic, it's sharp and blurry at the same time topped with a little but of grunge. As you can tell we've seen a lot of stuff during that day.

We went to Tate Modern which I truly can recommend. (Especially because it's free.) Next stop was Leon where I probably ate the most delicious and fresh fast food I've ever had. I remember having a halumi fried Burger with Leon's fries. Afterwards we went to Hyde Park where I fell asleep for about two hours unfortunately. During the evening we enjoyed a street art tour through the hip parts of London. We got to see Brick Land and it's hectic beauty. I'm so in love with London.