the shoes for fall

Simon 36_b

Shoes - Zara
Photo by Ivana Biscan, Edit by me

These beauties are probably my favorite shoes for fall this season. I bought them in London for about 20 pounds at Zara. What I really love about fall that there are days right warm enough to show a little ankle so these brogues are just perfect for a pair of green pants. I am thinking of combinig them in so many different ways because they are so damn classy and comfortable. How do you think about my new love?

4 Responses to the shoes for fall

  1. Max says:

    Like you said, they're looking really classy!

    I got myself a pair of leather boots in a similar colour the other day :)

  2. arttu says:

    beautiful shoes - and comfortable too?! you must be a match made in heaven then haha. x