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the current essentials


Carhartt laptop bag c/o

What I really enjoy about collaborations with companies is that you have this little freedom how you present the product. This time I received this trendy laptop bag from Carhartt, a very popular brand at the moment. A laptop bag is something that you really need if you work or if you travel as much as I do with my laptop. To present you my new product I thought I'll show you some of my current essentials I carry with me all of the time.

As I wrote in my fill-in post I am very busy at the moment with school and especially with working for my A Levels next year. Next to my laptop is always the current reading or project we have to finish etc. In my point of view there are so many different divisions in fashion - for example how to design and create your stuff for your daily base. Thank you to brandcatcher for giving me this opportunity to expand my daily essentials.


port charlotte

We visited family in Port Charlotte, a very nice area to stay. Spontaneously I decided to go to the mall at one nigh. I remember that the mall was called Simon Town Center and I honestly bought all lot of stuff there, because nearly everything was on sale. God bless America!

What I really enjoyed was being on the road. You can observe a lot of stuff you don't get to see from the public transfers. Especially at night Florida has a beautiful scenery to offer on the road.

the fill in


Flannel Shirt - I have absolutely no idea where it's from, Shorts - Levi's, Shoes - Zara

I really don't like bloggers who always complain about their lack of posts. The have no time to update the blog as much as the can. But now it's my turn. I'm truly sorry for being that late with my Miami posts. As you might know I am currently in the first year (of two) to reach my A levels. Every exam counts, every step counts. There is this teenagelife, too, which costs load resistance, frustration resistance, mood stability, self-control and the ability to overcome difficulties.

I hope you agree with me that there are a lot of ups and downs in life - Over and out! To cheer me up now I will listen to Amy Winehouse and Micheal Jackson. I wish you all an amazing Wednesday and I'll promise to show you the travelling pictures as soon as I can.

miami days


Shirt - MTWTFSS Weekday, Shorts - American Apparel, Espadrilles c/o Mirapodo

On my first day in Miami I decided to wear a minimalistic and simple but still casual outfit. Started the day with the perfect vanilla macchiato just before I explored the city a little bit. I am in love with skylines and lots of skyscrapers, as you might know, so I was very lucky to see those beautiful huge buildings. During my journey in Florida I took a lot of photos in the car and they turned out to be quite good. What I really enjoy is that you can see the freshness of the palmtrees and the intensive green that just seems to revive everything.

By the way: I decided to post just a few photos in every post about my trip to America because I don't want my blog to be look like an endless journey-part-XYZ diary. I just feel more comfortable to split the days into little parts to bring out the precious few photos. I hope you agree with me!