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on time


Scarf - Urban Outfitters NYC, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Coat - H&M, Chealsea Boots - ASOS,
Hat - Originally my grandfathers

working with adidasNEO


After receiving my driving license, after writing tons of exams, after giving off my term paper I'm so happy to finally tell you about my experience with adiasNEO. Rosa and me were chosen as bloggers and stylists to photograph the behind-the-scene situation and to coordinate the shooting their upcoming winter collection. This post is a fill-in and sneak peak post at the same time, because right now I'm preparing a huge (!) post full of photographs I took during the adidasNEO shooting. When I am thinking back I feel so grateful for all the experiences and all the adorable people I met. Stay tuned for a new-category and exciting post up on own way of inspiration!