Hat, Shirt (H&M), Denim Vest - Secondhand

Probably my favorite plaid shirt,that sleeveless one which I found somewhere in the basement. I actually wanted to introduce you guys into my new favorite denim vest. I bought it back in Avignon where shopping turned out to be a flop for me (unfortunately). Until we found a small yet trendy store with a Secondhand department which was my rescue. This denim vest got me. When it comes to night/ evening looks I always go for black because you're never going wrong with black. But if you're planning a statement look for a busy day this vest is a good piece to build something natural around the statement piece. Totally worth it. 

2 Responses to plaid

  1. Very nice outfit!
    I´m simply in love with you hat :)

  2. Max says:

    Such beautiful photos!