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journal #11


Some of my impressions during my berlin trip over New Year. Night and Party pictures are on their way too. 

berlin lights


Pictures by Eszter Bottka
// Suede Jacket - Second Hand, Jeans - Topman, Scarf - Urban Outfitters, Button Up Shirt - American Eagle, Shoes c/o adidasNEO

We took those photos near the Bernauer Stra├če Underground Station. What I really think is kind of creepy is the fact that you can spot the famous Berlin television tower from nearly every place in Berlin. If you take an accarute look on the first two pictures you can observe the television tower.

I'm wearing my adidasNEO sneakers which I find hard to combine because my style isn't very compatible with sporty elements. In somehow Berlin inspired me to wear something more sporty because everyone is wearing sneakers. Honestly I just got to know the benefits of comfortable sneakers when you walk the hole day through the city. But at heart I'm still the "Borgues" kind of type.


the berlin grunge


Pictures by the talented Eszter Bottka

// Harrington Jacket - Borrowed from Eszter Bottka, Flannel Shirt - Gekas, Jeans - Topman, Chelsea Boots - ASOS, Scarf Urban Outfitters, Bag - American Apparel, Knitted Sweater -  H&M

As you can see I'm a huge fan of layering. This outfit was inspired by the new trend of fixing a flannel shirt around one's hip. I've seen this combination on several streetstyle blogs before but I've never been brave enough to actually wear it. Spending the last week in Berlin offers you a certain kind of open mindness when it comes to fashion - especially streetstyle. I was feeling pretty comfortable with me new favorite combination of layering a flannel shirt. The good side effect: it keeps you warm.

The last days have been pretty cold in Berlin but Eszter and me explored the capital without any commission. I am so glad that I met a bunch of lovely people (again) which I will show you guys later in Berlin diary. For now just this outfit. And background music? Then click here.