london analogue


// photos taken by my talented hannah

It's the first time that I publish photos a friend of mine took. I actually enjoyed that I didn't have to take out my digital camera AND a analogue camera. It felt so great no to stop at every coner, wasting at least 4 minutes to take out the camera, take one picture (or three in case one might be to risky) and then put the camera(s) back in the bag. As I saw the pictures the first time yesterday I was very surprised how good they reflect our trip to London. Thank you to my lovely friend hanna who took those photos!

5 Responses to london analogue

  1. MRHL'S says:

    Very nice blog, great job! i love these all photos


  2. fran says:

    man im in love with you're style

  3. Caro (: says:

    some of them you took in Brighton, didn't you? :) they're beautiful!

  4. Morena says:

    just beautiful pictures !!

    xx morena