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Imagine you are 14 again. Do you remember that time, probably spending time with your friends, thinking about who you are and what you should do to be an individual ? Jakob Sitter Midttun is 14 old. When I first discovered his blog "Jakob Sitter" I thought that this is a professional and a blog of high value. As I clicked on the About Me button I was shocked. Jakob Sitter is a fourteen year old student, living in Trondheim, Norway. 

He is probably as into fashion as I am and his passion for photography is beyond words. In this world of bloggers you need to have good ideas, good photos and your own view. He's got it. In my opinion Jakob Sitter is more then talented. He even launched his own portfolio and is working on web layouts and designs. I am absolutely speachless.In case you want to buy on of his designs you just have to visit his amazing blog and portfolio.




Suede Jacket - Fleamarket, Button Up Shirt - American Apparel, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Chelsea Boots - Asos, Scarf - Zara




Coat - H&M, Scarf - NYer, Red Shirt - Bought somewhere in New York, Pants and Bag - American Apparel, Chelsea Boots - Asos 

I love my new boots.
I love my new boots.
This is serious.
Important things have been said. What is left to say ? Maybe that I really enjoy taking photos with my dad. Somehow he knows how to capture the photos I'd like to create. But most of the time it's a never-ending-conflict about what he thinks is looking good and what I define as beuatiful. Anyway, thank you to the men behind the camera.


focus on


Cheap Monday Skinny Jeans, Polo Ralph Lauren Tunbridge Scarf c/o, Canvas Brownie Boots, Humör Disko Blue Button Up Shirt c/o

Skinny jeans on men have not had a good name. “Aren’t his jeans too tight?” seems to be the most common question on people’s lips. But what people are really saying, and what the central argument against skinny jeans on men is, “shouldn’t guys give some room to breathe ‘down there’?”. I personally think that skinny or slim fit jeans can look good on men, but it definitely depends on the cut of the jeans and how they fit to a male body.  Honestly my skinny black jeans is the most essential item in my closet, because I can wear it to nearly any occasion. In case is no black skinny jeans in your closet you can have a look at those fashionable jeans on Asos.

GERMAN: Skinny Jeans an Männern sind definitiv umstritten. "Sind seine Jeans nicht zu eng?" hört man oft, wenn es um das Thema Männerjeans geht. Ich persönlich finde, dass skinny jeans und auch slim fit jeans gut aussehen können, solange der Schnitt passt. Manche Männer können Skinny Jeans tragen, manche sollten ihre Finger davor lassen. Ehrlich gesagt ist aber meine schwarze Skinny Jeans mein nichtwegzudenkender - Jeans - Favorite, weil man sie einfach zu allem kombinieren kann. Falls ihr keine perfekt sitzende Skinny Jeans in eurem Kleiderschrank haben solltet schaut doch mal bei vorbei. 

freiburg diary

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If you follow me on Instagram (@ownwayofinspiration) or Facebook you probably noticed that I spent my weekend in Freiburg with my lovely friend Paula.


Was wearing: Coat - H&M,Scarf - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Chelsea Boots - Asos


Freiburg is a beautiful and charming little city. Wandering through the idyllic streets reminded me of my time in Asmterdam.