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Shirt, Cardigan - H&M, Jeans - Dr. Denim via Urban Outfitters, Shoes - Topman

Sometimes I feel like being 13 wearing a cardigan and a button up shirt, sometimes I feel like being 52 wearing this combination. Maybe the reason why I feel uncomfortable is that I am still 17 and you often are not taken serious in what you are wearing. Even though I'm in love with a simple and minimalistic combination of a shirt and a cardigan it makes me sick that some people might think I'm just about to get my violin to improve my music skills. It's a cliché of course and you always connect your previous knowledge to what you see as a first impression, right? But that's probably the hardest thing about fashion, even in your life! 
Solution? - "Don't care what other people think!". 

contrasting juxtaposition

IMG_5554_b_2tumblr_mn7dacR8eX1r5tk9yo1_1280_bSimon 135_btumblr_m2av0lBLUw1qa78l7o1_500_b

First, third and last picture via my tumblr
Second and fourth picture by Ivana Biscan and Me

The fact I always keep changing is probably my weakness and strength when it comes to (my) aesthetic(s). As a blogger and highly tuned appreciator my hunt for clashing and matching different pattern and different shapes chases my daily base. Dreaming about fruity oranges and overwhelming skyscrapers throws a curve into the unbearable and bemusing night. What really exists, even makes headways is the process of revealing contrasting juxtapositions. It appears in fast and aching inebriations but in the end it's a feeling of reincarnation - like the feeling you receive while riding along a fraction of a palm tree with your fingers, while sinking the freshest slice of a blood orange, while enjoying this gorgeos view of dimension and innovation. 

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(1) Feta cheese omelette and roasted bread with thyme at Vs
(2) Sleepover in THE paradise bed at Ls 
(3) Hitting the 1000 Follower mark on Intsagram and on Facebook 
(4) Blurry way and beautiful sunrise during my daily trip to school 
(5) Breakfast in the old town with friends
(6) Impressions of the famous Frankfurt Book Fair I've visited last friday 
(7) Me during our trip to France 
(8) Fall shows it's beauty 
(9) c/o adidasNEO 
(10) Pumkin coconut soup mady by my dear friend Klara 
(11) A super cute letter from H&M 
(12) My favorite spot in my room captured from my bed 


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Bandana Shirt - Cotton on, Pants - Topman, Shoes - Zara
Photos by Ivana Biscan
Edit by me

A few weeks ago it was still possible to show a little ankle. I was wearing a red bandana shirt which I bought when I was back in Florida this year. At the moment I am always looking for new prints but it's hard to find them, isn't it? Even though grey and block clothes really inspire me but sometimes you just have to go for bold colors. Especially in menswear a bandana print was a good statement trend to build something nutural around the piece this summer. Combined with military inspired pants and my favorite shoes made the look complete in my opinion. What do you think ? Has bandana been a good trend for this summer?

look me in the eyes

Unbenannt-1 Kopie
Simon 32_b

Humör Shirt c/o Coutie, Shorts - American Apparel, Shoes Zara 
Photos by Ivana Biscan 
Edit by me

Sometime I wish the whole world would be in black and white. I guess every passionate photography lover appreciates the magic of turning a photo into black and white and I thought it would fit to those photos Ivana and I took some weeks ago. I was wearing shorts, because it's been so hot during that day. Honestly, I prefer combining this bird printed shirt with shorts because of its fit. I don't miss summer that much like every blogger seems to when we talk about fashion because I am simply more into wearing a nice pair of jeans combined with a coat. Autumn is also my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion. I'm so looking forward wearing long blue trenchcoats again.