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london #1


// Bandanna shirt - Urban Outfitters, Shorts - Cotton On, Hat - Vintage, Backpack - Forever 21, Shoes - Zara 

I'm back from London with a lot of beautiful pictures. This is diary number one. As you can see on the pictures we did the 'tourist day' on Tuesday - that means Big Ben, City of London and the Tower Bridge. Every time I visiting new cities I really enjoy sightseeing for a bit, because there are buildings, monuments etc. that you should see at least for cultural education.

What I liked the most that day was discovering the financial district of London. My friends and me have been pretty exhausted after the Hop On - Hop Off tour etc. So we decided to escape from the overcrowded places and surprisingly the financial district turned out to be quiet. Even though they were plenty of well dressed employees, the area was quiet refreshing and relaxing. Somehow the busy men in suits and the phoning women in coats and skirts knew how to manage the day. Lovely feeling. 

venice city


// Shirt - MTWTFSS Weekday, Shorts - H&M, Shoes c/o Mirapodo, Bag - River Island 

Venice is little, beautiful and very american city.  Even thought it was very touristic I enjoyed walking along the palm tree avenues. We went to a small oil shop and to the beach (of course), took some pictures. Nothing special at all, but very refreshing to start the day.

london electricity


ph. by me 

I know this is really self-publicising, but I had to realize those portraits since I've been thinking about taking these this morning. By the way I need to tell you that I dyed my hair last week, even if I know that you can hardly see it on the pictures. Anyway - I'm thinking of dying them darker. Next week I am travelling to London. I can't wait. I can't wait to change my life again.

miami nights


Shirt - MTWTFSS Weekday, Pants & Bag - American Apparel, Shoes - Zara 

At the moment I prefer nights. Dark, black, dark blue, as if a black piece of velvet had been lied over the sky and sprinkled with shinning gems, azure, violet, aqua, navy, steel, cobalt, royal. The sky is completely different then during the day. 

What have nights in common with fashion? Most of the people who are into fashion are wearing different stuff during the night and try to hang up another attitude to define themselves. A night gives you the opportunity to change yourself a little bit, to change your sense of fashion a little bit without being in bad style. It's a sort of expansion to your daily style. Sometimes you will be treated differently, you will be even taken more serious. Nights are here to change the spirit of fashion.