the afternoon date


// Jacket Primark, Button Up Shirt - Second Hand, Jeans - Topman, Bag - American Apparel

When I'm walking through the streets in my little hometown (which I can hopefully call "the place where I was born and raised" in a few months) I always discover new little streets or areas to shoot at. That depends mostly on the current atmosphere because I really like the time of the day when you obviously can guess that the sun will go down and all those beautiful city lights flash up. While I was taking the city train I always observed this magical ambience. Later I recognized that I've never taken my camera with me to capture this moment. Well, two days ago I finally managed it to bring my camera alias my never ending love with me to a date with my friends. I can't imagine how this time of the day must look, smell and feel like when you live in a big city ... 

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  1. Sophie says:

    Sehr schöne Fotos, Simon! :)