contrasting juxtaposition

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First, third and last picture via my tumblr
Second and fourth picture by Ivana Biscan and Me

The fact I always keep changing is probably my weakness and strength when it comes to (my) aesthetic(s). As a blogger and highly tuned appreciator my hunt for clashing and matching different pattern and different shapes chases my daily base. Dreaming about fruity oranges and overwhelming skyscrapers throws a curve into the unbearable and bemusing night. What really exists, even makes headways is the process of revealing contrasting juxtapositions. It appears in fast and aching inebriations but in the end it's a feeling of reincarnation - like the feeling you receive while riding along a fraction of a palm tree with your fingers, while sinking the freshest slice of a blood orange, while enjoying this gorgeos view of dimension and innovation. 

3 Responses to contrasting juxtaposition

  1. AMAZING pictures!
    The images you´ve chosen are simply wonderful!

  2. mrksprvn says:

    That third picture is phenomenal.