jakob sitter midttun


Imagine you are 14 again. Do you remember that time, probably spending time with your friends, thinking about who you are and what you should do to be an individual ? Jakob Sitter Midttun is 14 old. When I first discovered his blog "Jakob Sitter" I thought that this is a professional and a blog of high value. As I clicked on the About Me button I was shocked. Jakob Sitter is a fourteen year old student, living in Trondheim, Norway. 

He is probably as into fashion as I am and his passion for photography is beyond words. In this world of bloggers you need to have good ideas, good photos and your own view. He's got it. In my opinion Jakob Sitter is more then talented. He even launched his own portfolio and is working on web layouts and designs. I am absolutely speachless.In case you want to buy on of his designs you just have to visit his amazing blog and portfolio.


11 Responses to jakob sitter midttun

  1. fran says:

    he is handsome


  2. Oh Gott. Mein 14-jähriges Ich? Falsche schwarze Haare, Emo-Kringelsöckchen und Selbstportraits in einer Auflösung von 640x280px, oder so.. Talentierter Junge. Ich glaube, ich werde ihn wirklich mal anschreiben nächsten Monat, wenn mein Blog wieder online geht, ein GUTES Design könnte ich echt gebrauchen.. DANKE :)

  3. clara lu says:

    Schöner Blog :)
    Schau mal bei mir vorbei <3

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