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the groha style event


Last Sunday I was invited to the Groha Style Event. Do you remember, that I already have modeled for Groha ? This time they wanted me to judge on some style and hair skills. The event was organized by Matthias, who sometimes styles my hair. I am truly in love with his hair colour, so inspiring. Next stop: Frankfurt, 'cause I will go to the Florence and the machine concert on Sunday. But I will be there on Saturday too, doing some shopping. Anyone there ?


sometimes i feel i've got to run away

Suede Jacket - Second Hand, Button Up Shirt - American Eagle Outfitters, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Scarf - Urban Outfitters New York, Desert Boots - H&M, Tote Bag - American Apparel

Life is a mess. Lately I've got a lot of work to do at school. I can't sleep at night. I am about dancing as best as I can the last few weeks, because I will participate in a big dancing show around my area soon. Anyway, I was so in love to have time today to take pictures and to edit them. Can't believe how I missed my passion. By the way - on the pictures you can see my favorite outfit for this month/ season. I am convinced, that all those colours work perfectly together and even fit to autumn. Did you recognize that every one's falling in love with autumn ? I really enjoy reading all those posts about autumn. Paws up, bloggers, you're doing a great job. Hope you're having a soft Wednesday, folks!



Running a fashionblog is not that easy. I decided to support the talented Capsar, a friend of mine living in Berlin. Feel free to visit Cloudhounter.



Blue Coat, Green Cardigan, Button Up Shirt, Skinny Jeans, Oxford Boots - c/o 
Graphic Belt - c/o Wechselwind

This was October, what a strange month! My mood changed immediately and I was thinking a lot about life. It was raining a lot and I enjoyed one week of vacations now. I managed to launch two new collaborations. Have a look at They gave me this awesome graphic belt as a present and honestly, I'm in love with it. But I don't really know what to wear with my new belt. Any ideas ? In addition to my collaboration with wechselwind I've got the chance to work with Coutie. It's a cool online store full of trendy clothes. Now you will see an outfit every month what I want to wear with Coutie Clothes. I think this is really something new for me and I like the idea to create Outfits - definitely fashion forward. I hope you enjoy the pictures I selected to give you an image about my October. Take your time and listen to this beautiful music I embed. The artist is called Splitter and their brand new album is so futuristic and charming, perfect for me, perfect for fall. Now let's run November!


the end ( of brooklyn )

I am done with my New York Posts. On the last picture you can see downtown Manhattan by night. I captured this photo on top of the Empire State Building. It's amazing being up there, enjoying the view over Manhattan. This was New York, I am not sad being here in Germany, because I know I will be back, no, I am going to be back in New York City. That's a fact. I really hope you enjoyed my posts about this beauftiful city. If you click here you can view the posts again. By the way you can see Brooklyn and it's beauty on the pictures above. I love the Brooklyn Bridge by night. Furthermore you can see some details I took from the majestic theatre, where I saw a broadway show. It was the phantom of the opera. Oh I miss New York, good night.