instagram, tumblr and the good news


I'm so exited to share the latest news with you, guys. The last few days and weeks I managed a lot of collaborations and the next ones will be beyond different as the last ones. But I don't want to tell you too much, because the challenge's gonna start on Monday. Maybe you can guess something on the pictures, anyway, stay tuned ! As you might have noticed I also managed to load up a new blog layout. Do you like it ? Because I think it's gorgeous, it looks way professional then before. A big thank you to Lyn ( Walking On A Dream ), who helped me with the design.

Let's return to social networks. Next week I will post every day. So I need you support. Feel free to have a look at all further social networks I am part of. As you have seen on the pictures I have instagram now. Because of next weeks post, you can follow me and have a look @ownwayofinspiration. Although I wanted to remember you of my tumblr blog called ways of inspiration. Have a look next week! And last but not least Facebook. That will probably be the fastest platform where you can get my latest news. I am so excited to do this. Let the show begin!

6 Responses to instagram, tumblr and the good news

  1. fran says:

    i love you!!!

  2. esther says:

    das neue design gefällt mir sehr - ich bin fasziniert von deinem header, richtig edel :) love it

  3. arttu says:

    such a lovely new layout!

  4. dein Design sieht super aus jedoch wüürde ich für "of inspiration" die selbe schriftart wie für "own way" verwenden :)

  5. Your pictures are just amazing :)