faces #1


Models: Hannah T., Simon M., Klara K., Cailin K.

I took those photos during the past few days, even weeks. When I go through my old archieves I recognize how much I'm into taking potrait photos of my friends. Now I decided to take more portrait pictures in order to create a whole portfolio at the end of the year. Most of those photos are taken very spontaneously on the street. What I really enjoy is that most of those pictures are taken so spontaneously that the models don't even had a clue that they're just being photographed. As a result you can hardly see any fear in the eyes of the them. At the moment I'm planning to take loads of photos in London, especially of its lifestyle and people to fill my portfolio. If you are from London and you're not shy standing in front of the camera while hiding your face asking me what to do now just send me a quick e-mail to bloggersimon@t-online. 

3 Responses to faces #1

  1. loving your photos. Welcome to London! ;)

  2. pretty people!