the evolution of growing up


// Black Coat - American Apparel, Sweater - COS, Jeans - Cheap Monday, Shoes - Zara

Turning 18 feels a lot more different than I thought. I feel happy yet insecure, because you realise those little moments when you drive along the highway (on your own!), listening to the Temples or to Radiohead while thinking about your next big step in your life. The way I feel is constantly manipulating the way I dress.

I was searching for THE perfect coat ever since I started to think about what I wanted to wear. Well, here it is! The perfect coat. Black - Minimalistic - Sophisticated. When I reflect about how clothes or better style influences your attitude - I wonder if this coat would have make me feel as grown-up when I was 16 again as it makes me feel right now ? Do you guys know the answer?

IMG_0744 KopieIMG_0680_b

2 Responses to the evolution of growing up

  1. Love the look, the photos and the place! That forest is a dream!

  2. m▲xie says:

    wird immer hübscher der junge,schöne wangenknochen