casual blue


// Plaid Shirt and Jacket - Primark (obviously old), Pants - Zara, Boots - Zara

The casual outfit is probably the easiest way to start the day right. I woke up very early today, excited to try out my new camera (Canon EOS 60d), went straight to the closet, picked up the few favorites to not think about the creation of my outfit of the day. Even though it might look boring or ordianry to someone it's actually about feeling comfortable. In my opinion it's the most important thing to coordinate a productive day.

By the way. I am so lucky and grateful to have a little more time shooting outfits for you guys even thought I am slightly disgusted that the shooting locations around my corner are that unspectacular. Maybe one day I will be able to walk between Houston and Prince Street, NY, with a big hat whilst avoiding too many trends and standards.  

3 Responses to casual blue

  1. Echt schönes Outfit, ich liebe blau und rot!
    Außerdem finde ich, dass D echt einen wunderschönen Blog und einen super Geschmack hast ;-) Ich bin immer sehr glücklich, wenn du einen neuen Post veröffentlichst...


  2. i don´t think its a boring outfit at all! it suits you really well! and i love the shirt :)