there is no excuse for the rain


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Fashion designers search for inspiration from cultures, different eras, cities and nature. Not to harm someones self image but to create something beautiful for everyone to feel beautiful in. Fashion advertisement is not meant to damage your self esteem or have everyone try to mold their bodies and minds into what society feels is "perfect." It simply shows that if you buy this line of clothing this is how beautiful you will feel. Whatever you like to wear, just to do it, because the moment you think about what your schoolmates could complain about, will destroy your own sense of style.

4 Responses to there is no excuse for the rain

  1. Jenni says:

    you're just fucking right!!

    und ich liebe die farbe der hose, die ist unglaublich genial!!

    xx Jenni

  2. My Gaby says:

    love the rain!

  3. fran says:

    i love the pantsss


  4. Maja says:

    truly cool blog, got to fallow you <3