frankfurt analogue


Frankfurt: I. Favorite cafe called 'Brot'. II. Alina and Julia repacking their bags at the station. III. Julia, Julia and Alina in the middle of the crowd. IV. My weird eyes and me. V. Florence and the machine concert, everyone partying. VI. My friends Paula and Klara on the carousel. VII. Florence and machine. VIII. Frankfurt's cold buildings. VIIII. Lovely Florence Welch. X. My friends: Paula, Julia, Julia, Klara and Alina in the middle of the crowd again. XII. Carousel again. XIII. Cake.

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13 Responses to frankfurt analogue

  1. herkruks says:

    beautiful photos ♥

  2. fran says:

    i love all your tshirts


  3. aurelia says:

    hat sie dir gefallen live?

  4. Viltė says:

    I love the vibe in these pictures. :>

  5. CHANGE says:

    wow richtig geile bilder ♥

  6. sehr schöne bilder, einwegkamera? :)

  7. Vera says:

    Florence <3 ^^
    Und das Buch ist ja mal mega cool!

  8. Marley says:

    You've really made some supercool pictures, i think :3