Describe your style in 5 words or less?

Punk, London Rebel, Goth, Minimalistic 

Who/what are your greatest style influences?

I have always been fascinated by England, especially London. The punk generation in the 80’s, the clubscene and the whole atmosphere of the city. I love the way bands like The Beatles and The Smiths dressed themselves. I’m also very inspired by movies from the young director Xavier Dolan. The styling in his movies is so great and I heard he’s doing it himself. 

Whose closet would you want to raid?

That’s a funny question! I think I would choose someone who is a real collector of beautiful things. Someone Like Isabella Blow or Daphe Guinness. I would steal their haute couture catwalk pieces and dance around in my room. And maybe I could died from happiness in Gareth Pugh, wouldn’t that be funny! 

Where do you shop?

I absolutely love shopping and I never get tired of it. I love strolling on a flu market and find the most amazing vintage things. Like last week, I found a beautiful virgin wool dark green big knitted jumper. It was love on first side.
I also love to shop highstreet brands like H&M, MONKI, WEEKDAY, ASOS, TOPMAN and COS. Mostly on the women’s department, cause the men’s
mostly boring me to dead, except for Topman and Asos.

Fashion trend you hate?

I don’t hate any fashion trend. I just wish all people wear what they want to wear. I hate those stupid television make over programs. Who cares what those people wear. Isn’t the most important thing that they feel comfortable in it? Why do people always want to look like anybody else.

Ultimate Shopping Advice?

Sale shopping. I know it’s always a mess inside and they don’t have all the sizes anymore, but you can find amazing things in those messy racks. Especially the COS sale is amazing! An other tip is to visit a small village where only grannies live and go to the local thrift store. You can find some pretty vintage Hermes and Pierre Cardin over there! 


  1. Anonymous says:

    vor ca 15min dachte ich, es wäre doch mal schön ein Interview mit Jasper zu machen und jetzt lese ich deinen Post :D

  2. sehr geil, kannte seinen blog noch gar nicht! es sollten echt mehr jungs bloggen.

  3. und wann komm ich dran? :(

  4. JASPER says:

    Lots of love for you my love!